The Parables of Jesus

To most people, the most engaging and accessible part of The Urantia Book is Part IV: The Life and Teachings of Jesus. Encompassing the final third of the book, it is a panoramic and masterfully crafted narrative detailing thirty-six years of the life and ministry of Jesus of Nazareth.

This illustrated collection of forty-two parables of Jesus is drawn entirely from The Urantia Book. It is presented in a beautifully designed layout and illustrated with modern photographic compositions and classic works of art. It is sure to become a favorite volume for those seeking to better understand and benefit from Jesus’ teachings.

Jesus was a teacher who taught as the occasion served; he was not a systematic teacher. Jesus taught not so much from the law as from life, by parables. This was especially true during the last year of his public ministry as the parable allowed him to present new and startling truths to those who desired to know the better way while at the same time affording his enemies less opportunity to find cause for offense and for accusations against him.

These parables represent a mighty storehouse of moral and spiritual teachings which have come down through the ages unblemished by the doctrines and dogmas of men.

They are, quite simply, a pearl of great price.

CONTENTS Parable of the Sower 2
More Parables by the Sea 6
The Growing Seed 6
The Kingdom of Heaven Stories 6
More about Parables 10
The Friend at Night 14
The Unjust Judge 15
Garments and Wine Skins 16
The White Lily 17
The Two Debtors 18
The Unforgiving Servant 22
The Workers in the Vineyard 26
The Good Samaritan 30
Sermon on the Good Shepherd 34
The Rich Fool 40
The Faithful Servant 44
The Birds of Heaven 44
The Lilies of the Field 44
The Thief in the Night 46
The Foolish Carpenter 50 The Barren Fig Tree 51
A Lesson to Guests and a Host 52
The Pharisee and the Publican 53
The Great Supper 54
The Prodigal Son 58
The Lost Sheep 58
The Lost Coin 60
The Shrewd Manager 66
The Pounds 70
The Wicked Tenants 76
The Two Sons 76
The Wedding Feast 80
The Cornerstone 80
Counting the Cost 84
The Fig Tree 85
The Talents 86
The Dying Seed – The Living Seed 93
Enacting the Parable of Brotherly Love 94
Acknowledgment – Colophon 100
References – Timeline – Map 102
Selected Gospel Passages 104
Notes on the Text – Selected Passages 110

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